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Scott Cullens

Licensed General Contractor, Designer, Fitness Model

General Contractor, Designer, Fitness Model and Reality Star Scott Cullens, corn fed and raised in Midwest USA, moved to Southern California in the 90’s to pursue a passion in fitness. Scott owned several private gyms that catered to the elite, celebrities and industry executives including clients like Brad Pitt, Rachel Hunter, Herb Ritts and Monica Lewinsky. Cullens led a fast paced life and enjoyed the success of the 90’s in LA until a detour for drug and alcohol dependency at the Betty Ford Center encouraged him to pursue his next passion in life, building and design. In just a few sober years, he built a multi-million dollar construction and design company with a continuous waiting list of high profile and wealthy clientele. In what would seem like a schedule with no spare time, Cullens has a successful career as a fitness model, product spokesperson and reality star. His next television appearance is a design and building show airing on A & E in 2014. His presence on the Internet has made him somewhat of a sensation with a throng of followers. “I like building things, my body, houses, whatever. I think it is our innate nature to want to create.” says Cullens. You can follow him on Twitter @scottcullens or Facebook See his work at or

Name: Scott Cullens


Title: Licensed General Contractor, Designer, Fitness Model

Lives:  Palm Springs, CA USA


Artist:  I’m all over the board.  I like Rihanna, Early Madonna and Fleetwood Mac


Movie: I have seen “Ever After” with Drew Barrymore 25 times


Hotel:  I love all the hotels in Vegas.  They are over the top in luxury and scale but regrettably become passé after only a year when the next one is built.


Restaurant:            I love SoHo House in West Hollywood.  The food is good but the views and space are magnificent.


Drink: I have been sober almost a decade so I no longer have a favorite drink.  I have missed out on the whole Mojito and specialty martini phase.  Those probably would have been my favorites today.


Fragrance:            I have an entire bathroom counter full of all my favorite colognes.  I think I like the fancy bottles and packages more than the scents because I rarely put on cologne or deodorant. I have a good, manly scent with no funk.  My next venture is to see if I can bottle that.


Lube:  LüB pure silicone lubricant.  Available at in December 2014.  I like the product because it is the best lube I have ever used.  But my picture being on the packaging probably has a lot to do with it too.


Interests:  I am always prepping for a shoot so at least 15 hours of my free time each week is spent at the gym.  I not only do it for the aesthetics, but is seems to keep me motivated in all aspects of my life.

Twitter: scottcullens

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Scott Cullens


Gay Tsunami

Although the fight for equality is not over, it is quite evident that the remaining US states that do not recognize the equal rights of the LGBT community will not withstand the momentum from a tidal wave of support by the majority. It’s a gay tsunami, if you will.

In the wake of this tsunami, a “gay” stream media has emerged that now has the luxury of focusing on luxury, a subject dear to our hearts. Publications like Dorian and Wire provide a voice to the gay community but now have the space to be slick, fashionable, sexy, and present relevant topics of interest outside the fight. I love being able to read gay magazines where I can just dream about vacations, design, sex, clothes, and fitness without being inundated with news about whose permission I now need to be gay. 2013 felt like the year we stopped asking for someone’s approval and started dreaming.

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